Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Perfect Rainy Day

Today is Sunday, I am supposed to be studying not writing a post on blog because tomorrow I had a final  exam. I wish I could cuddling with my Mom or sitting at the sofa while drinking tea, because I really miss her. This is what we usually do in rainy day. We are starting a deep conversation or a joke like talking about my future, and my moms plan when I am an officially college student, watching my mom playing Candy Crush on my phone. I need my mom support right now eventhough I know my mom always pray for me and my brother. Always.  At first we really sad because we are not going to see each other intensely because she's at her hometown and I am here with my dad. It's nice I can see my dad everyday but I know the consequences; if I'm with mom I will not see my dad every day and if I'm with my dad I will not see my mom everyday. Yeah, I know thats kinda suck but I must be grateful because I still have them in my live. I don't know I just.... I miss my mom right now.


a self reminder:

"the picture perfect family never did exist. and yet it’s so important to accept your family, love your family, and above all else understand the need for space when they are toxic to your well being." -(via: tumblr)

Oh, and wish me tons of lucks for this month and two months ahead that driving me crazy. I had a final exam, exam school, and national exam. BOOM! JUST WISH ME A TONS OF LUCKSSSS!

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