Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bunch of Fun

Aye guys! I'm so nervous with National Exam Announcement. So I decided to having fun with my classmates. we were going to JATIMPARK 1. Yea it sounds sooo ordinary but all of us enjoying this kind of refreshing SO MUCH!

With my classmates, I'm gonna miss you all!

We were randomly found this.....okay.
Anak Kesayangan, lol.

This pendulum extremely cool!

Pray for what?!
Where am I?
First, Daniel;Second, Me;Third, Hamzah;Fourth, Vigyan.


We were play Volcano Coaster. We found Weird Caution. It means "THIS IS ONLY FOR ADULT" but the rule is, your height must be 135cm or more and you can ride volcano coaster. I think this is not just for adult :) I took a picture when I ride volcano coaster, because it's located on top and the view it's very great, so I decided to took some pics hehe

Weird Caution

Next ,we went to 3D theatre. We queued about 30 minutes. The film was about a man who stole jewelry, and yeah I think that was a kind of bored film hehe -_-v

Me, Daniel, Lia, Rosa, Iwa, Indy.

Then we went to Ghost House. I, Iwa, and Oliv decided to didn't come in with my friends because we were really scared if we had a nightmare at night. Finally we go home and didn't took photo together because my camera's battery is empty. But is ok even if I'm very regret this. Thanks a lot for amazing day guys. I've already missing you. See you at National Exam Announcement.

Magical Memories.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Earth Day

Hello there, yeah I know that's kinda very very late for posting about EARTH DAY. You Know what I'm so crestfallen with what government make a deal with fuckin greedy industrialist. let me show you about a picture I get from Rahung's timeline. I'm very very nyesek you know. ok.
Kalimantan Forest Destroyed by PT Asia Tani Persada
Freeport's Wastes
Banti-Natives of Amungme wash waste of  Freeport.
Freeport Waste
Rice Field degraded due mining in Waiapo, Maluku.
A company blew Kalimantan forest
This is a photo of industrial waste in Citarum
Citarum River before poluted by industry.
So please guys, earth have gave us many things so what are we gonna do to thank earth?